10-09-17 01:15 AM
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  1. whodathunkit's Avatar
    Since I am OP, please indulge me for a moment.

    On my S8 (again, I use my S8 as a spare phone and for pics (better camera) and use my K1 as primary for business because I an a diehard BB fan, but....) I press settings, Cloud and Accounts, Samsung Cloud, dropdown and press "sync now" which will show you by date and time that all of my contacts, calendar, notes, etc. are synced up to date once sync'ed, then exit, press backup and restore, backup settings, auto off, press "backup now" at bottom, auto back on, exit screen, look at restore and it will show you up today that everything is ready to be restored. How much easier can it be? For us OCD people, it shows date, time and confirmation backup is available and those that want it tested, it is safe to wipe your phone and use that file for restore. You won't skip a beat.

    Hey BB - I love ya, BUT GET WITH THE PROGRAM. Who ever heard of backup and restore only partial files with no icon/setting mirroring. Sad, very sad. This is a big one for me and I, reluctantly, might consider using my S8 as primary. The only thing holding me back for the moment is the QWERTY on the KeyOne.
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    10-08-17 08:25 PM
  2. johnb_xp's Avatar
    I'd try it out with the free version if you want to be certain, but it backs up all app data so I'd think that's how it would work.
    I used Helium a while ago though, and now since everything is synced to the cloud it isn't very necessary. Honestly, for me it was nice to change up my home screen to get it to be more efficient, and get rid of apps I don't use. Whenever I reset my phone I just back up pictures, documents, contacts. I'd screenshot home screen too to make sure all my apps get loaded back. I only sync apps to the cloud, not contacts, pictures, etc. Because they could get hacked. You can easily export contacts through the BlackBerry contacts app to a .vcf file.
    10-08-17 08:44 PM
  3. BB-JAM215's Avatar
    I see that the last time Helium was updated was just over a year ago.
    10-09-17 01:15 AM
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