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    Hello all,

    I observed many times that my auto correction using the PKB (languages German and English(US)) is suggesting wrong words. The following example is very simple but I also have that with common German words:

    Autocorrection suggest wrong words very often-naja.jpg

    Does anybody observe the same issue?
    What must I change in the PKB setting to get better suggestions?
    Is this a software problem which is already known?

    My best regards,

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    06-12-17 02:13 AM
  2. muindor's Avatar
    My Z30 never ever got it when I type 'naja', it corrected it to "Anja". Then I added it to my dictionary and now it all good. So maybe you can add it to the dictionary somewhere on Android and it might put it as the first suggestion?

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    06-12-17 04:34 AM
  3. MatthiasHannover's Avatar

    yeah, but it suggests the correct word already.

    What I observed is: It does not take the correct suggestion even if it is in that list, it waits for a next character and if the space bare is pressed, it takes the wrong suggestion.

    When the correction already has found the word in the dictionary, why does it suggest another word?

    It seems to be an error in my eyes.

    My best regards,

    06-12-17 07:27 AM
  4. Luick's Avatar
    I also have issues with autocorrections (French + chinese pinyin keyboards)
    "ca" is always autocorrected to "Ça" with the capital letter while "ça" (correct word) is never shown but "çà" which is not a valid word is !

    Also, in Parameters > Languages and input > Personal dictionary (sorry if wording is not correct I'm translating from french), I have both "français" and "français (France)", with words added in both dictionaries but not the same ones, it feels like depending on how I add a word it goes to one or the other, and I have no idea which one is used for autocorrection, feels like none LOL
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    06-12-17 11:05 AM

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