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    1. Tried ATT Visual voicemail, I can get the messages in the app, but I never get a notification from the app, only the phone app with the little voicemail icon. On my dtek 60 I would get a push from the ATT visual voicemail app

    2. So, as an alternative I tried forwarding voicemails to my Google Voice account. Again, I do not get a push notification from the GV app either, but can open the app and the the VMs

    3. I have tried uninstalling GV, re-installing, also tried deleteing my Google Account from the phone, and re-adding it, have also cleared system and app caches

    All notifications are enabled, and other notifications work fine from Email, etc

    Any ideas?
    07-01-17 02:27 PM
  2. mprattmd's Avatar
    ok, looks like this may relate to the other thread going about "no notifications after June update""
    07-01-17 02:49 PM

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