1. Fred Wu's Avatar
    Has anyone used the option in

    Apps->Options->Special Acess->Background apps

    to limit the background apps?

    My question is, if the option is disabled for some of the apps, do I still receive notification from those apps?

    I have tried several apps:
    1. Pull Down Notification, if disabled, won't work properly.
    2. Messenger Lite, if disabled and screen off, it won't run in the running services and no notification received
    3. WeChat, if disabled and screen off, still running in the background and receive notification.
    But if disabled and reboot, then will not receive notification.
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    10-25-17 07:30 PM
  2. sandyhois's Avatar
    Notice that apps that are toggled off here are described as "optimized" like in power center and battery/battery optimization settings not "off" or "on". I always thought that notifications had more to do with data and data permissions so if wifi is on notifications generally get through but if wifi is off only apps that I have whitelisted in Data Saver get through.
    10-26-17 05:42 AM

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