1. playjack's Avatar
    Is keyone technically built to be able to hook up a VR? I was thinking of a higher end type VR. A recommendation for a particular model from an experienced owner will be appreciated.
    05-09-18 10:56 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    hook up a VR
    What does that mean exactly? There's only VR headsets available and most high end stuff won't work with the KEYone like the Gear VR or Google Day Dream View. You can buy one of those cheaper VR headsets that are available, they're largely all the same anyway, but the VR experience offered by them isn't going to be great and the real power comes from the phone anyway, which also won't be great as it's not exactly built for VR experiences. It'll work for basic stuff but you go in anything heavy and it won't be optimal at all.
    05-10-18 01:35 AM

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