1. Roveer's Avatar
    Is anyone using Google DUO on their K1? I instlled it on my K1 and when I receive a call the circle with th phone in it (at the bottom of the screen) is supposed to gently move up and down with the words "swipe up to answer call" or something like that. Instead my jitters around like a total spaz. I posted in the K1 support area and didn't get an answer other than "nobody else has reported it". That's not always a good judge of a problem. I asked them to try it on their phone but I figured I'd ask here and see if it was all K1's having the problem. They seem to think it's something with my phone since it hasn't been reported. Thanks.

    10-05-17 02:16 PM
  2. ObiGeorge's Avatar
    For how little I have used Duo on my KEYone, it hasn't had any issues. (AT&T model on September)
    10-05-17 02:35 PM
  3. Pluto is a planet's Avatar
    I've used duo quite a bit and haven't experienced this issue, sorry. -2 model on att
    10-05-17 03:46 PM
  4. Roveer's Avatar
    I figured it out... After seeing that others were not having the same issue I started thinking, what did I do differently. Then it hit me... I implemented the developer mode animation tweaks to speed up how K1 displays data. It makes things a little faster. I switched them back to the defaults and the duo animation started to behave. Thanks for your replies which allowed me to to figure out what I had done wrong.
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    10-06-17 10:21 PM

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