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    I'm on my 3rd KEYone! the First one had a terrible Overheating problem, far beyond the norm (I've had BB's since the "tour"days, and know what's normal) and what isn't). The replacement came and had to be returned to Blackberry after the screen fell out!

    Now I'm on my 3rd., and was quite happy especially since my battery was lasting for Days! Then I went out of town this past weekend and initialized Yelp, and sure enough, similar to my 10-12 hours of battery life in unit 2, my battery life was aweful, using 10% per hour or more! the Culprits seemed to be "download Services" and Android Media. Yet I knew only one app had been initialized since getting Unit 3- , so I disabled Yelp. Low and behold my battery life is awesome again and media services and download aren't even listed as active in the the battery app!

    Anyone else ? (I think it may be location services as the actual source, but I'm not sure.
    09-19-17 02:34 PM

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