1. twopack's Avatar
    Got my KEYone a bit ago, love it, but I use BBM with a couple buddies to group message. We all like it, but the one complaint that we have is there isn't gif support. Even if I direct message in BBM, gifs just come thru as pictures. This seems odd to me given that you can use gifs in channels and use them as profile pics. Is there something I'm missing? Or something that we need to do to get this working? I figured that before the issue was that I was using my passport, but now I'm using a KEYone and its still not working. Anyone know anything about this?
    07-03-17 08:46 AM
  2. TheBond's Avatar
    Gif is not supported in BBM chats. It got a limited support in channels. That's been the case for a while.

    To be honest, due to slow development and ancient features, people have moved to other platforms. If you don't like Facebook or Whatsapp, you can try Telegram. It works fine with gif and chats are backed up.
    07-03-17 08:54 AM

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