06-02-17 02:48 AM
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    So security is defined by the capability of whether it can be rooted or not? Lol
    Many phones can be rooted without wiping the data and without having to overcome any security measures one might have set. Rooting gives access to the WHOLE filesystem, incl. your stored accounts.

    If Hub is available on other phones, why is it mentioned as plus point on KeyONE, it's like mentioning there's snapchat on KeyONE.
    Probably because Hub is $12/year on non-BlackBerry phones.

    Dual display, assign frequently used apps in the secondary display, much more possibility than a layer just capable of having a keyboard!
    Not convinced. With the KEYone you can have 26 "quick"-shortcuts and another 26 "not-so-quick" shortcuts. Also how often do you switch between more than 2 apps? For that, the double-tap-square is more than sufficient.

    I've seen the dual display on the V10 and it's not really THAT useful as their ads might make you think.
    06-02-17 02:48 AM
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