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    I have my alarm setting as the default tone, on max volume, but escalating. In theory it works great because if I'm not in a deep sleep I don't wake up startled to siren-like noises, but if I'm out hard then I don't sleep through it once it's going off at max for while.

    One problem - somehow my alarm volume setting keeps getting reset to default (around half). I think it only happens after an OS update but not fully sure.

    Has anyone else encountered this? I've come to work late after sleeping through it a bunch of times (which wasn't looked well upon). Some were my fault for getting too comfortable and not being consistent enough with using a backup alarm after discovering the issue but I couldn't have foreseen it the first couple of times...

    Not sure if this is an issue specific to the KeyOne or Android in general.

    Also I was planning to try a 3rd party app now to avoid dealing with multiple devices, any suggestions welcome.
    11-15-17 04:43 PM

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