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    I have a BBB100-7 (KEYone) running 8.1.0
    The battery drains much faster than it should.
    However, when the battery reaches <10% and I reboot or switch off and connect the charging plug, the battery indicates >50% of charge.
    Recently, I had it running until it switched off with "empty" battery, and after reboot the charge level was 75%, and I continued to watch video for another 4 hours....

    Any idea how to solve the issue?
    Is it related to the latest 8.1.0 update?
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    10-20-18 11:24 AM
  2. Nepu's Avatar
    Is there a way to boot a KEYone in recovery mode and manually clear the settings of batterystats?
    10-20-18 01:12 PM

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