1. badharks's Avatar
    Woooooo...seems like a new update. Probably nothing special but let's see. Just appeared now in UK
    02-20-19 02:03 PM
  2. azarok's Avatar
    At list we have the rounded icons back
    02-21-19 03:46 PM
  3. Vegano's Avatar
    Mine has frozen and needed resetting two or three times a day since this update : (

    any ideas?
    02-22-19 07:17 AM
  4. IceCreamPlz's Avatar
    Looks like it's available now for EMEA variants. it's coming through now on my PRD-63116-042

    Located in USA on AT&T
    02-22-19 08:33 AM
  5. badharks's Avatar
    there are some beta updates also for those who are on the beta programme.
    02-22-19 10:58 AM
  6. Vince Liew's Avatar
    At list we have the rounded icons back
    what rounded icons? I don't see any..
    02-26-19 10:57 PM

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