1. RLeeSimon's Avatar
    How come ? Anyone else ??

    I knew they'd break something, as usual...
    01-30-19 03:45 PM
  2. Amaroni's Avatar
    How come ? Anyone else ??

    I knew they'd break something, as usual...
    What is the source of the battery drain ?
    01-30-19 03:59 PM
  3. conite's Avatar
    How come ? Anyone else ??

    I knew they'd break something, as usual...
    Everything is fine here. No change.

    Check which app is consuming the battery.
    01-30-19 04:00 PM
  4. bh7171's Avatar
    No negative affects with my battery performance on my BE KeyOne since update yesterday AM. Still excellent. Last full charge 3 hours ago. SOT 45 minutes, calls, texts, I emails syncing and battery is @ 95 percent.
    01-30-19 04:02 PM
  5. wilkto's Avatar
    No issues here.
    01-30-19 06:45 PM
  6. prplhze2000's Avatar
    give it a couple of days to settle down.
    01-31-19 09:39 AM
  7. Shifty88's Avatar
    I've actually noticed the battery seems to drain faster while I'm using the phone.

    Also, when it's done charging and it's at 100% if I do the 30 second power button reboot it'll only show about 86% battery remaining. If I top it up again and reboot again it goes back down to 86%. Does this sort of reboot really drain the battery or is something failing to work properly here? Maybe that's why it seems like the battery is draining faster. It could just be misreading the battery power.
    01-31-19 09:55 AM
  8. bh7171's Avatar
    I would check out the Power Management app and see what's occurring. My BE KeyOne that is only a few weeks old has not experienced any adverse changes in its battery efficiency and management. When I switched from my S9 I did a 100 percent clean install and added apps as used regularly or here and there. I know every users usage and needs vary as do their apps (games, no games, social media apps or Web browser) but with how well the KeyOne manages power consumption overall I suspect a rogue app or two.
    01-31-19 09:58 AM
  9. Makaveli@Beta's Avatar
    I've been on it for 12 hours now and no battery issues.
    01-31-19 12:27 PM
  10. keefrto's Avatar
    so until today battery was tanking big time on my apps even though I was barely using it 22%! however today it's settled down. I had it off charge at 7 30am and I have 79% left now (1 day four hrs) it should be fine
    01-31-19 05:37 PM
  11. Shifty88's Avatar
    Yeah. Mine behaved today. Weird. Must've been some anomaly.
    01-31-19 05:49 PM
  12. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    How come ? Anyone else ??

    I knew they'd break something, as usual...
    Give it time to settle in....

    Reboot the phone a few times.....

    Check what apps seem to be using power... reload them.

    Worst case... do a factory reset.
    02-01-19 09:09 AM
  13. john_v's Avatar
    At the risk of sounding like conite I've had the update for a few days now and seem to have no adverse battery effects.

    02-01-19 10:31 AM
  14. keefrto's Avatar
    Well omg, I was wondering why my app usage was at 31 percent with little app use so I thought Heck why not hard reset. Good grief it nearly killed my keyone. dropped by battery from 48 to 4 percent and I have NEVER had that happen. I took a screenshot prior to boost and will try to add it. not liking the new update battery IS an issue
    02-02-19 12:34 AM
  15. keefrto's Avatar
    Attached Thumbnails ABP306 and now eats battery like crazy !!-128097.jpg  
    02-02-19 12:35 AM
  16. keefrto's Avatar
    appreciate Conite response
    02-02-19 12:36 AM
  17. conite's Avatar
    appreciate Conite response
    Check which apps are using battery.
    TX3 and john_v like this.
    02-02-19 07:09 AM
  18. keefrto's Avatar
    am checking
    02-02-19 09:37 AM
  19. keefrto's Avatar
    so of course nothing is going on with my apps right now and battery is 2 days. I will use on way to town shortly and see what happens
    02-02-19 12:12 PM
  20. keefrto's Avatar
    here you go
    02-03-19 01:53 AM
  21. keefrto's Avatar
    Attached Thumbnails ABP306 and now eats battery like crazy !!-128104.jpg  
    02-03-19 01:55 AM
  22. keefrto's Avatar
    battery 45 percent, it's never this low, I know my usage so what can be done?
    02-03-19 01:56 AM

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