08-01-17 03:00 AM
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  1. jakie55's Avatar
    I believed I might like the all black, but as I thought about more, I realized that I much preferred the PPSE over the PP OG. I am enjoying the black and silver colours on the KEYone.
    06-19-17 05:52 AM
  2. Dmd74's Avatar
    In reading this it appears that it is a survey of what they may then put to use...maybe. I don't give it much credence myself. I agree with most that these options are preferable however. The issue for me is this, the K1 was delayed numerous times. When finally released it was a debacle of sorts. Therefore, I would believe that if they were to consider releasing a Korean variant/ K2, that it would be months away from happening.
    06-19-17 07:58 AM
  3. Michael_Stewart's Avatar
    Gotta have those updated specs. The K1 is an awesome phone, don't get me wrong, but my phone PPSE has 3GB RAM and 32GB storage with microSD card support and a 4.5" screen. And, get this, the K1 even has a lower pixel density screen @ 433ppi vs 453ppi on the PPSE. Now, so joke, K1 has the best camera of a BlackBerry, am I right? But last I checked, it doesn't have image stabilization...

    Just grant me this wish BlackBerry Mobile.

    Make it as WIDE as a Passport 3.56inches
    But make the screen as TALL as the Priv's 5.79inches
    Make it like a Passport Keyboard but bigger to accommodate a 4th row.
    Put wireless charging in it natively, for heavens sakes.
    The 4GB of RAM
    The 64GB of storage
    Removable battery, so I can buy an aftermarket extended battery later like my Q10's massive 4400mAh Mugen battery?
    You figured out how to make a keyboard a trackpad, now figure out how to make a physical keyboard waterproof.
    Stereo speakers because mono speaker is a clear step backwards
    Speaking of, how about OIS on the front facing camera as well
    Get rid of capacitive home menu back key bull****, reintroduce toolbelt for classic with physical buttons still but just wide enough to stretch out and accommodate that 3.56inch space
    Put a micro LCD in each and every key so that every key is a screen, price be damned!
    Bring back dedicated mute key but keep the convenience key as well (More buttons to play with...)
    Dual SIM / Dual microSD
    Call it "BlackBerry XL" or something
    Choice between BlackBerry 10.3.4 and Nougat option available upon device setup
    A 3D screen with a pressure sensitive display
    The ability to draw on the screen while the phone is asleep to make a note i.e. Note smartphones
    Just make it do all the things
    Charge what you must
    08-01-17 01:10 AM
  4. steiale's Avatar
    This thing would even let TCL go broke..
    08-01-17 02:51 AM
  5. anon(870071)'s Avatar
    Speaking of old phones does anyone remember the Motorola microtac flip phones with the giant turtle battery you have to slip only!? And I remember my old Motorola flip phone lasting a long time however you'd have to get a new black antenna like once a year or so!?
    08-01-17 03:00 AM
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