10-03-17 03:44 PM
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  1. Fred Wu's Avatar
    One breaks, sometimes, when you drop it. The other breaks, sometimes, when you use it.

    If this happens four times to one user then it's statistically impossible for the screen detachment to be a rare manufacturing defect. Even if as few as 10% of the devices had the defect, the chances of a single user having four would be one in 10,000.
    Unless those replacements were the refurbished units and the screen issue wasn't completely fixed in the first place. Then it is likely to keep getting a defect one.
    09-30-17 07:51 AM
  2. the_boon's Avatar
    Only BB are seriously catering to PKB users, others are not at all or making half hearted efforts.
    If Samsung designed their PKB attachment with a little more devotion, it would have made a worthy PKB option to go alongside a K1. That thing looks so damn ugly on the S8, I mean you got a thin, curved screen phone with glossy black bezels...and a flat plasticky black PKB that sticks out horrendously, and looks totally out of place.
    09-30-17 04:05 PM
  3. varasani's Avatar
    Well as much as I have been absolutely livid with the process of whatever this return/replacement process is I guess I complained enough to someone. Today ups delivered a new in box k1 which was the right thing to do in my mind at least. Also I guess to sweeten me up a bit they included a dual layer case as well which is OK I guess considering this is my 3rd replacement. https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/201...7e6992446d.jpg
    The same thing happened to me. My first had a fingerprint scanner malfunction, second a screen lift, third the secondary microphone malfunction and now on the fourth phone. Got a free dual layer case. I hope I don't need to do another warranty claim again! Don't want to deal with the pain of installing the apps, customizing home screen etc!
    09-30-17 07:46 PM
  4. LoseTV's Avatar
    I'm on no3.... and they wont give me a refund... this is messed up. Going to get an iPhone asap and sell this one for anything I could get out of it
    10-01-17 06:08 PM
  5. Kenny Devotion's Avatar
    Spoke to Blackberry today after sending mine back in last week when screen came off and bits of the logo on the back too, apparently they have run out of new replacements so they have stopped sending new devices out and will now resort to repairs and refurbishments. Im not best pleased considering Ive had my phone all of 2 months. Most annoying thing is that they won't give a time line on how long all this is going to take.
    10-03-17 03:38 PM
  6. furieux's Avatar
    I suggest you consider your usage and maybe get a serious case... I have a June 1 made pre-glue one and screen is still on...

    otherwise may start new thread " 5th screen Lift waiting room" which seems to amuse people here
    10-03-17 03:44 PM
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