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    I just got a key2 le. I am coming straight from a passport. My passport broke and a tried a different passport from ebay, but couldn't get SLACK to work on that one, and i need slack for work. It's nice that the key2 le supports new modern android apps (like slack), but everything i loved about my passport, isn't "quite" as good on the key2 le. I like the passport bigger keyboard and screen (my thumbs are big and that makes this one harder to use).

    So, on to the point. My proficiency on the passport was greatly increased by the "word substitution" function, and i made a lot of shortcuts by using ":" and then some letter. ":f" = frown emoji ":s" = smile emoji ":n" = "my full name" etc. etc. too many to list.

    On the key2 le, whenever i try and use punctuation in the word substitution, it allows me to enter it, but it doesn't "act" on it. Is this just the way it is? any way to fix?

    11-15-19 12:40 PM
  2. rthonpm's Avatar
    I've had similar issues on my LE with word substitution, especially after reboots. It seems to work again if I go into Settings and then just view the word substitutes I've set up.

    This seems to be a quirk of the LE as I can't duplicate it on a KeyOne.
    11-19-19 07:50 PM

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