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    I finally took the plunge and purchased a Key2 LE for my work phone. I want to see what different people recommend regarding the best email app, the best notifications app, the best <whatever> app. I also would like to see how people have edited their settings and made other changes that make the best use of the security features on the Key2 LE. Should I start a thread for it? Or is there already one started somewhere that would contain a lot of what I'm looking for?

    Most of what I'm looking for is scattered throughout the Key2 LE forum in various threads and posts, but it would be nice to have a thread where a person can share "Here's how I have my Key2 LE set up currently."

    Maybe that could even be the thread title?

    Most people here have been BB fans / users for a long while. It would be good to have a thread for new BB owners to look through for advice on what to do after that drive home from the phone store, drawing on advice from the veterans.
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    03-13-19 03:04 PM
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    A pretty broad question you're asking there really, considering the amount of apps and the various ways people use their devices. The best apps for me, are not going to be the best apps for everyone. You might consider this thread as a starting point - https://forums.crackberry.com/genera...-apps-1165168/
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    03-13-19 04:46 PM
  3. markolinux's Avatar
    Yeah, pretty broad question. I may come back and post some specifics, but first I'll check out that thread, thanks!
    03-14-19 09:18 AM
  4. tnewton3's Avatar
    A couple of settings/recommendations.

    I use the hub for all my email accounts, removed all other notifications from the hub. The search feature is unmatched and I've yet to find any other email client that touches what the hub can do.

    I use Textra from my default texting app now that it works with Verizon. Enter to send and custom led light for contacts is awesome.

    Convince key is used to quickly text my 3 most texted contacts.

    Short press on keyboard to launch apps I use all the time, long press is speed dial.

    Just a few tips. Enjoy the new BlackBerry
    03-14-19 10:00 AM
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    I would look here /blackberry-key2-le-f474/my-key2-le-changed-so-much-better-just-doing-one-thing-1165935/#post13362416

    After turning off hub, etc, I am using Nine for email and Business Calendar 2 which are fantastic.
    03-14-19 04:50 PM
  6. markolinux's Avatar
    Thanks for the suggestions so far. Email is what I'm currently looking into. A few facts:

    --We use Exchange at work, and I use Outlook for the client because by default we use MS apps.
    --On my previous phone, the HTC 10, I used the stock email app, and it worked OK. I used Active Sync.
    --When I got my new BB, I turned off the hub until I could decide whether to use that, or go 3rd party.
    --I like Calendar integration, but I don't integrate contacts. Call me weird on that count I guess. What I didn't like with the previous phone (and it might be a MS thing?) is all the crazy contacts that kept getting added to my Contacts list. Suggested contacts, contacts I had no idea who they were (probably some email I sent two years ago and they were CCed on it)... that has to not be a thing anymore. Probably some setting I was missing or something simple like that. I just want a list of contacts on my phone that I text or call, and then whatever is in the Global Address Book on the Exchange server.

    So does the Hub email client play well with Active Sync and Exchange? How near is the sync to real time? On the HTC 10, sometimes I'd get email on the phone at the same time or even before Outlook. I found that pretty impressive.
    03-14-19 08:48 PM
  7. neuropre's Avatar
    I too use active exchange for one and office365 for another email. The wonderful thing about nine (besides it's layout) is the ability to set application level security instead of device level. So at most the can erase your mail remotely, not wipe your entire phone which is what you agree to with EAS through Outlook.
    03-14-19 09:56 PM

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