1. Hazo's Avatar
    Hi guys....is is possible to engage the virtual keyboard and have ONLY a single line with numbers instead of using the alt key with the physical keyboard? I love the physical keyboard, but would welcome the ability to show a single virtual line above with the numbers. Thoughts?
    02-08-19 02:14 AM
  2. nevilleadaniels's Avatar
    Sadly it's not possible to get just a single line in any of the settings. You can go to the number pad display with the other bits of mathematics, or you can swipe left or right on the keyboard depending on how you set it up to come up with a slightly different display but that as emojis as well.
    02-08-19 03:50 AM
  3. PRIVuser2018's Avatar
    I feel like an app could be made, that is a keyboard with exclusively a number row.
    02-08-19 11:16 PM

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