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    Verizon will not send me a Key2 because I'm not a business account. They only sell to business account wtf. Verizon told me to go to BlackBerry directly and purchase a Key2 and also sent me an email saying any cost over their price of $449.00 would be credited to my account up to $200. BlackBerry. Com is a freaking joke. Even Verizon rep tried to find a place to order one. Click North America then United States and goes no where. How do you expect to sell phones....

    I found one in local Wal-Mart says it works on Verizon model bbe-100-5. Can't send texts out but can receive. Verizon has no answer this weekend. Any ideas?
    08-31-19 12:28 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Lots of answers here.. https://forums.crackberry.com/blackb...roved-1169385/ and you got a KEY2 LE, not a KEY2. You can contact Verizon again and request a higher tech support or go to the store and have them do it, ultimately they need to set up it up as a CDMA-less device.
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    08-31-19 02:42 PM
  3. WaterTower's Avatar
    I found that texts (both sending and receiving) worked for the first week, but then texts were only being sent, not received. I switched from the default text app to Verizon's messages+ and it solved the issue. hope this offers something else to try
    09-15-19 08:22 AM
  4. baspeed's Avatar
    new SIM from Verizon fixed the issue of texts. Replaced my Priv with Key2le bbe100-5 unlocked from local Wal-Mart here in the states. wouldn't send texts. Got new SIM from local Verizon store and it acted funny said AT&T at first messed with carrier selection 15 minutes later it works says Verizon on top left. the old SIM from cdma model wouldn't work.

    I wonder if a real Key2 would work with this new SIM? Anyone know what Key2 model I should buy?
    09-18-19 05:12 PM

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