1. zhenyamsteklo's Avatar
    So my navigation bar keeps acting up on my key2LE.
    namely it seems the recent and home buttons will be pressed without me pressing it.
    the phone will start acting crazy switching to split screen or minimising whatever app i have opened.
    this sometimes will happen for up to a few hours in a row and I'm barely able to open or close an app, let alone write something or read an article on the web.
    my phone is somewhat rough, so that may be a reason.
    strangely enough, this too happened on my keyone.
    i wonder, has anybody had a similar experience and is there any remedy (short of spending money on a new bb or a unihertz titan (especially with the new bb being around the corner (hopefully)).
    thanks in advance.
    04-04-21 05:02 PM

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