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    Just got my key2 le after procrastinating for several months.

    I previously had two Q10s, one for work and one for personal, mainly so I didn't have to learn two different phones!

    I am making use of the dual sim function on the Key2 Le to drop back to just one handset, but am trying to configure it so that these accounts operate as distinctly from each other as possible.

    I'm also trying to avoid google and amazon as much as possible, and all the worst of the data-harvester/sellers, so I've stripped it right back (probably too far TBH) and am looking for any advice from any seasoned Key2 Le'rs as to how to effectively operate two seperate "identities" from this one phone?

    Can I have different alerts for each sim? Ringtone's, LED's, colour-coding etc?

    Thanks a lot, I've lurked here for many years and am very grateful for all the advice I have read so thought I should finally signup too!
    04-03-19 09:31 AM

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