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    Hi Gentlemen,
    I just bought a Key2LE from a HK reseller via a french market place.

    Details are:

    I have read several articles on this forum before asking you any help.

    First the boot loader is unlocked and this is supposed to be a security problem. DTEK warns me about it but I don't how to resolve the matter.

    Moreover, I can't upload any security patch. The current one is ACB 168 dated of 5 march 2019.

    Of course the reseller confirs it is not an issue, it is only a EU version and it is unlocked so far.

    I will only use my phone for a work use (emails, phone calls, message, nothing crazy or secret) in France.

    Is there any way to comply with the current security standards ? Can I be sure that the phone will run properly in the next years (thanks to your forum help of course) ? Or should I sent the phone back to HK and get reimbursed ?

    Thanks in advance.
    10-30-20 06:46 AM

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