11-19-19 11:14 PM
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  1. rfin16's Avatar
    I found a slightly used Key2 LE for under $C 250. I assume it's an LE since the ad says it is 32 GB. I saw one spec place which said the keyboard is capacitive but I assume that is not the case. Does this mean flip corrections etc do not work or just the scrolling options? Loss of those capacities would be noticed here as well as smaller screen but I have problems with VKB and need the tactile element.

    I have enjoyed PRIV with big screen and pkb also but performance has degraded. If I remove unused or business apps and use those on LE would PRIV performance improve (eg fewer resources for APPS updating etc. )? It is slow now but would like to use for a wifi based media device to take advantage of the big screen? Ideal would be PRIV2 but that is not going to happen.
    11-19-19 10:58 PM
  2. Monrover's Avatar
    Best Buy had the Champagne LE for $279.00 USD. Unlocked and no carrier. I am setting my Z30 aside when the LE arrives. Looking forward to PKB again.

    Posted via CB10
    11-19-19 11:14 PM
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