01-19-19 11:38 AM
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    Just a quick update for those who are interested. I now have a Key2 and Key2 LE (both from Amazon). I will be setting up the Key2 LE (WiFi only - no SIM) this weekend and then giving it a try on surfing and e-mails for about a week. I'm still likely going to go with the LE but we will see.

    I will say that the keyboards on Key2 and Key2 LE are VERY different - much more so than I expected and than most others have reported. The keys themselves are much "squishier" on the Key2 whereas the travel on the LE is much shorter, which I actually prefer. There is also a much larger distance for my fingers to travel to reach the Key 2 keys vs the LE and I prefer the LE for that as well (although I would have preferred if the keys on the LE were just slightly larger). I can't comment on the weight difference yet because it is still plugged in but I suspect there is a significant difference in weight and weight balancing in favor of the LE. The being said, I have now used the Key2 for about a week and I have gotten more used to the weight.

    I will report back again once I have enough time to try them both. In the meantime, I hope this is helpful for some of you...
    01-11-19 06:19 PM
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    It's interesting to come across this thread. I had a KEY2 for about a month but ended up returning it and am now using a KEY2 LE. I just got the LE yesterday and things I've noticed right away are:

    LE is more comfortable to hold.
    LE keyboard is a lot more uniform in it's feedback (ie. the spacebar is the same as the other keys).
    Camera isn't as great in low light, not saying the KEY2 was even great to begin with though.
    LE is much lighter.
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    01-12-19 07:46 AM
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    KEY2 does have 500mAh extra though, which is to consider if you're a really heavy user
    01-12-19 06:43 PM
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    I am on the opposite side of the train. Initially, I purchased a KeyOne Black edition but had to return it because it didn't work on Verizon.

    Hearing the Key2LE was officially supported by Verizon, I went to BestBuy and purchased the slate version. Much to my delight, it was a dual sim model. I began to use both my Verizon business number and AT&T personal number on it which worked out great. But after using it for a month and a half, I just upgraded to a dual sim Key2 for a few reasons:

    First, the battery life. Considering I was running dual sims on the LE, I suppose it got decent enough battery life but really not as good as I had hoped. For my usage, I probably have around 1-2 hours of screen time, 2 hours of calls and Spotify. No social media apps and location services are turned off unless needed. The LE barely gets me through the day with this usage.

    Second and more importantly, I notice a lot of lag from the LE. It takes quite some time to load the Hub, switch between apps and sometimes opening apps. The most annoying lag I've noticed is in the phone app. Just yesterday I tried to answer a call but the phone just hung and slowed to a crawl causing me to miss the call. Call history also takes a a few seconds to load up.

    Third, now that I have the LE and Key2 side by side, the LE keys are much too small and this is coming from someone with really small hands (I'm a 5'2" 107 lb female to provide you some perspective). The Key2 is so much more comfortable for me to type on due to the larger keys and spacing.

    I know various people have mentioned the Key2's uneven weight distribution; I do not find this to be an issue. However, I do agree the LE is easier to hold and has a grippier, rubberized back. I think the aluminum sides of the Key2 make it prone to slipping out of hands, especially when I've overdone it on coffee and get sweaty hands.

    I've only had the Key2 for a day but I can already tell the battery drains a lot slower. I also noticed the loudspeaker is much better, the LED lights are brighter and the screen is brighter. So far, it's much snappier which was expected since it has more ram and a slightly better processor.

    As far as getting the Key2 to work on Verizon, it took a lot of reboots, toggling between LTE/UMTS/GSM and Global and putting the sim card back into the LE a few times. After an hour of this process, the Key2 finally started to work - calls, sms/mms and data all work on Verizon. And of course, the AT&T sim worked with no issues - just popped the sim in and the network was recognized immediately.

    I know this is a lengthy post but I hope it provides some insight on the differences I've noticed between the 2 and LE.
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    01-19-19 11:38 AM
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