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    I have been looking at screen protectors for my new Key2 LE (yet to be delivered). I know the screen itself is the same from the KeyOne to the Key2 to the Key2 LE. But is the front curvature the same? If I buy a glass screen protector for KeyOne or Key2, will it fit the Key2 LE correctly?

    I only ask because I am having trouble finding these screen protectors for the Key2 LE. Lots for the KeyOne and Key2.

    08-05-19 06:02 PM
  2. the_boon's Avatar
    It won't.

    I recommend a protector specifically made for the LE.

    Or, one that's made for the KEY2 but make sure it's completely clear and does NOT have the black contours.
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    08-05-19 07:49 PM

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