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    I posted an earlier message regarding Nine email which I use for my Office 365 work account.
    It just seems to go to sleep and I never receive any Push email or notifications in a timely manner. The limited exception seems to be when the phone is "awake" and even then it is sporadic.
    I received the Blackberry Saturday and have spent the intervening days fighting this. Now the behavior has repeated itself with the GMail client, being a Google product that struck me as odd. But I spent half the night last night fighting that one.

    The one and only email app that I can get to work is Outlook, and I have done nothing at all other than turn off battery optimization which I did for Nine and Gmail. The Outlook client is also providing very quick notifications.

    I am hoping someone will say "I had this same exact issue and here is the fix." I am at a loss to understand with a new Berry fully patched and only days old that I am experiencing this and others are not seeing the issue.

    Any help gratefully accepted.
    11-06-18 02:11 PM

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