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    I have Key2 with dual sim. Google Fi on both sims. It works well, though strangely, sometimes when the signal is low, I lose signal on sim1 but not on sim2.

    I can't get wifi calling or wifi texting to work (regular texting does work). I have been able to work around the wifi texting issue by using Google Hangouts during flights, which will do texts. But photos are not coming nor sending.

    I am loving being back to bberry. I was on iphone for several years, but XS was terrible. Heavy, expensive, ugly. The deal breaker was that the speakerphone on XS was unusable.

    I am rediscovering things I used to love. Keyboard shortcuts. LED notifications. Wow. I only miss the trackball. Too bad LE doesn't have keyboard mouse. But the Key2 regular sound too heavy.
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    01-23-19 12:15 AM
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    Same here. Sim1 =Verizon and sim2=Google FI. Standard text not working to receive text but can send. excellent so far with great coverage from both carriers LTE networks.
    01-30-19 03:48 PM
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    I found that I cannot receive mms unless that sim is assigned as the default data sim. The primary data sim send/receive mms is fine.

    You can use google hangout to receive mms on the secondary sim, but I am not sure google hangout does international texting.

    Also, hotspot wasn't working initially. I reset the network setting and now it seems to work.
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