1. BoldLAD's Avatar
    Having just moved to a KEY2LE from a Bold I find that I am now unable to sync my contacts and calendar between the KEY2LE and Outlook 2010 (desktop) like it did through Desktop Manager.

    Can anyone recommend some software to do this which will be forwards compatible, given that Outlook 2010 will be redundant after next October, and can be used via a USB cable rather than WIFI or the Cloud.

    Also, there does not appear to be any backup/restore facility as there was with the Bold and BDMS.

    Again, can anyone recommend a piece of software that will enable me to backup the entire contents of the KEY2LE via a USB to my PC, again not in the Cloud.
    11-21-19 12:41 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Samsung had some tools that worked somewhat ... not sure if they require an Samsung phone or if any Android would work.

    Some in the past recommended a more generic SyncDroid... but I never used it.

    I have no issues with the cloud so that's what I use to keep my data synced between six devices.
    Outlook.com for personal email, contract and calendar - One Drive for most data. Have just started using an iPhone so also using iCloud now.
    11-21-19 02:14 PM
  3. ubbulls's Avatar
    Try the software from Akruto.com.

    I only synched calendars with it. It worked perfectly until Outlook began to have issues on my PC.

    Never had a problem with it until then. great support if you need it.
    11-24-19 09:54 PM

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