1. gman79's Avatar
    Good day gentlemen,

    I have the Keyone with Tmobile, so far all is good,
    But I saw the Key2 LE at Best Buy and liked very much
    Thank God I started reading the forum because I reall need the WFCalling, at home there is not reception, so when some calls mel, it rings, I talk for a couple of seconds, the call disconnects from the network and I get the wifi signal!
    Also, out of the country I can wifi call

    Any updates if they will bring that option to this phone?
    Or just stick with the Keyone
    05-11-19 06:17 PM
  2. melissaru's Avatar
    Unfortunately, there still does not seem to be a solution. I spent a week last month on several calls with some very nice, helpful and bright T-Mobile reps who escalated my non-existent WiFi calling issue to the highest levels at IT. Also went into a T-Mobile store at their suggestion and spent an hour with a tech who actually HAD a Blackberry and the answer is the same - even though the Key2 LE is an Android, it's a BLACKBERRY Android, and for whatever reason, the T-Mobile WiFi calling signal is not compatible with their platform. They had no answer as to whether this will change in the future - T-Mobile says that's a Blackberry decision. But I can tell you from the T-Mobile side, nothing is changing. I'm about to ditch my Key2 LE, as much as I love the battery life and the overall function. But the lack of WiFi calling and the indescribably bad camera/video are enough to send me to a Samsung, despite the lack of a precious keyboard.
    05-12-19 01:14 PM
  3. gman79's Avatar
    Thank you Meli, I too have had good experiences with Tmobile reps, they at least try to do a little extra to help.. but that issue is a real deal breaker, and I loved the LE when tested at BestBuy

    We'll see each other in the Key3 forum then
    05-12-19 06:43 PM

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