1. BrianDRollins's Avatar
    Enjoying the LE so far. As a long-time BB user I sure miss the bold, blinking notification light that we had on the Classic and others. Has anyone found any solution to the practically non-existent light on the LE? Anything in settings or possibly an app?
    11-20-19 01:03 PM
  2. the_boon's Avatar
    I know exactly what you mean.

    The LE is quite a fine device in many ways.

    However, where it falls completely short is that notification light. It's the worst ever put on a Berry or possibly any phone. It's brightness is weak, and the light jitters, the animation is not smooth. Not sure why they didn't use the same exact one as on the KEY2.

    The ONLY solution I could think of is to download Light Flow Legacy or Light Manager Pro and set your light for each app and each type of notification to be solid, meaning zero delay between each blink.

    That way, this weak light will at least remain on constantly until you check the phone.
    11-20-19 02:35 PM

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