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    I bought my Key2 LE at Best Buy a few weeks ago. It has been amazing. My communications game got a crucial bump in fluidity. As I use it I encounter adjustments, not necessarily sacrifices, that I make with what tools I multi task with but I must say it's so far just as good or for the better. Well... Until today...

    I was impressed with the processors performance and have even said "adequate for what users are actually using the device for" until I opened a team viewer session with an associate to trouble shoot his PC with him. Performance of the Key2 LE for this task is not good. Laggy, keyboard confusions within the app itself, just a strain.

    Yes of course I know there are other factors to consider. Screen, signal, and connected party, and of course the app itself that is being used are all things that play in my experience in attempting the remote assist. I changed from my Samsung Note 9 to this device and I have been warmed with a BlackBerry welcome home. That Note 9, however, in the same location does receive better signal judging by the mere bars not to assume they are to the same scale though roughly I would say there was still a notable difference. The screen on the Key2 LE is large enough though unlike Samsung Galaxy screens the software does not maximize the screen by auto-scaling the work space to the screen ratio. So modest screen then becomes small screen. Mix that in the slow delay of the capacitive response of the screen (THATS PROCESSOR NOT KEEPING UP) I had a really hard time doing what once was the simplest of light tasks.

    In light, I will remain with my Key2 for the keyboard and adjust to not having the ability to remotely assist my friends and family with the abundance of "How To" questions they cannot seem to google for themselves. With that said these are the things that I hope for in a USA Key3....

    1.) Processor. Don't let my device's ability to compute to be the bottleneck in it's longevity of usefulness. Best specs possible. Don't worry about cost... I would pay for it.
    2.) Screen has to be OLED and perform better in broad daylight. Again... I would pay for it.
    3.)The camera is suitable, actually. It's it's lack of stabilization and aperture range that suffers. I don't need a selfie cam or three different lenses but in 2019 I expect a camera performance better than my Good Ole BlackBerry Pearl and the Flip. Key2 LE Photos are not usable. Document scanning only.
    4.)Battery. I know the Key2 model that is not whitelisted for Verizon has a better battery none the less. Don't skimp. Telling someone when to charge is not a solution, its an annoyance. Having a battery that can handle the hardest day without a doubt until I lay to rest for the day is the goal. Nothing less.

    I think 1, 2, and 4 in this list pretty much help each other's causes. New processors, screens that turn the pixels off, aid in being able to make the most of a modest battery. I don't want to be misunderstood to think that I do not love my BlackBerry Key2 LE, I do. So I want to also list the things I love most.

    1.) The Keyboard... OF COURSE. Yes, it's great. The pressure required, the size, etc. Its great. I wish I had the capacitive version on that (Not White Listed By Verizon) Key2 model, but I don't. Better than screen or stylus.
    2.)The size, shape, and weight. I wouldn't mind more girth for battery but having a light weight device is a really nice change of pace after riding the flagship wave for the past ten years. Like oh my BlackBerry, I love it my hands.
    3.) Inbox (Hub+). This is what smartphones are supposed to do. Somehow we got tricked off of it. Oh wait... they want us to use 500 apps to maximize our AD exposure so they get paid AND we give them ample currency to do it. I nearly forgot. Thank you for putting all my BULL in one spot. Looks to me like the masses has WAY too much time on their hands.
    4.) Security! So here's the thing. We write, we wonder, we explore. We use the internet to explore every little thought we ever come up with. Such things should be private. Dangerous paths can be another man's thoughts. Best we leave and keep those to ourselves. My data and my footprint of thought and thinking is mine and these people need to GET THEIR GRUBBY HANDS off of ehhhhhht. You know what I mean!? The world does not need a big white flag to sell me Hello Kitty, Mkayyy. Thank You though. Just have it there in search results when Im ready to get a wax and bargain shop for a clothes iron. Thank you.

    Anyway.... boo at this processor.. It cannot handle the heat; But thats alright. Real computers are always nearby.

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    03-09-19 08:00 PM

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