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    I got tired of the spacebar not entering a space when clicked or a period when double clicked reliably, so I opened a ticket with BBMo. Note that the spacbar issues an audible click, and tactile feedback for each tap). They had me do a full KB test, and it passed (dialer app/*#2886#, select "Manu" bottom right, look for keyboard, test all keys and spacebar). So I did it again, passed again. Then they had me go to settings/apps and notifications/see all xx apps/tap on three dots/show system/look for "Blackberry Keyboard"/storage/clear data. Then hold power key for 32 seconds and the problem hasn't gone away.

    I'm under the 1 year warranty, so my options are a "Repair Process" send mine in for a 7-10 business day turnaround (once received by BBMo), or "Advanced Exchange" where a hold is placed on your credit card (CC) for the retail value of the phone ($600), and BBMo sends you a refurb (with a 30 day return warranty) replacement unit, and you must send your phone in for examination w/in 5 days of receipt. They'll evaluate your phone for liquid or physical damage. If your device clears liquid or physical damage, they'll release the CC hold.

    I chose Advanced Exchange. Now I gotta figure out how to transfer (most all) my data from old to refurb.

    Advice on transfer app and process appreciated.
    08-04-19 08:13 PM
  2. falbo's Avatar
    Blackberry content transfer app from the playstore. Although I haven't used it myself I will whenever the K3 lands. I also tried the dialer number you posted as my finger scanner doesn't work every time and it passed the test. I have five finger prints installed and have redone them a number of times as well as cleaning the sensor. Space bar also passed the test yet it sometimes doesn't work on the right hand side. Good luck.
    08-05-19 03:40 AM
  3. hamilgs's Avatar
    I'm still climbing the hill of getting the refurb Key2 fully up to speed. Thee are lots of details we don't usually think about like BT pairing with a car, earpiece, Fitbit, plus home, kid's house, and corporate WiFi... A few apps transferred don't work, so they'll need to be reinstalled. I checked the date code on the refurb>2018/08/21, while the one with the faulty PKB is 2018/09/13. All in all, it takes me about 8 hours to get everything transferred, updated, and checked out.
    08-12-19 12:49 PM

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