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    Iam using blackberry Key2 with Zain Kuwait carrier and the VoLTE is not working ,,, I try to turn it on by dialing *#*#46368676#*#* and I can't turn VoLTE Provisioned .. I talked to Zain Carrier they said BB Company a.k.a RIM Should contact us to provide this service .. I do really need to be activated, the carrier Technical Support said that blackberry company should contact us ( Zain Kuwait ) to provide the settings for your device ,,

    just to make sure I try T-Mobile US Sim card and it's working fine , and I try also Vodafone UK also it's working just fine, when I try Zain Kuwait Simcard can't enable VoLTE

    and thanks in advance
    Attached Thumbnails VoLTE is not Provisioned With Zain Kuwait carrier-snapshot20181208t172408.jpg   VoLTE is not Provisioned With Zain Kuwait carrier-snapshot20181208t172150.jpg   VoLTE is not Provisioned With Zain Kuwait carrier-snapshot20181208t171924.jpg  
    12-15-18 04:48 AM
  2. MynoonQ8's Avatar
    any suggestions ?
    12-16-18 04:53 AM
  3. ZahidShad's Avatar
    are you currently roaming?
    12-16-18 04:01 PM
  4. MynoonQ8's Avatar
    are you currently roaming?
    No, am in Kuwait I was searching for solution for VoLTE with my carrier (Zain Kuwait) and I do have other sim cards I use it when I travel to US&UK (T-Mobile US) & (Vodafone UK) so I tasted with my Key2 and took a screenshot, the VoLTE Provisioned works fine with both Simcards (T-Mobile US & Vodafone UK) but when I install my (Zain KW) sim card I can't turn on the ( VoLTE Provisioned ) that's it ,

    and thanks
    12-17-18 01:02 AM
  5. macberry33's Avatar
    Insert your T-Mobile or Vodafone card and check in the screen where you get the voLTE information who the carrier is.

    It shows you the phone number of the sim card and then the carrier. The screen shows you IMEI, Phone Number, IMSI, Current Network, etc

    The one that will show you what network you are using is "Current Network" and confirm if that is "Zain Kuwait".

    I guess that is if that is the one "Zain Kuwait", they should know to provision VolTE.

    I am in the same boat with my carrier in Colombia. I am just starting my task to talk to them and ask them to help me provision the service.

    When I use my T-Mobile Sim card I had VoLTE but the carrier network (in roaming) is different from the carrier I domestically use.

    Tip: in my case when I call my carrier customer service with a technical question or request there is no luck. What I do in that case is to use their contact form in their web page. I send them respectful and detailed information about my request and I not only get their attention but my requests are solved.
    01-08-19 04:31 PM
  6. macberry33's Avatar
    And if you still need BB to help you (following your Kuwait carrier request), send them a request about it via their support page, hopefully they will work.


    another idea is to see if TLC has presence in Kuwait for warranties and service and call them. I didn't see Kuwait in the support page, for you being local could find better information about it. See if Alcatel services Kuwait and has support teams, they may help you since Alcatel / TLC are the people behind the KeyOne, Key2, etc models
    01-08-19 04:39 PM
  7. MynoonQ8's Avatar
    I got replay from blackberry customer service ,

    Hello Mynoonq8,

    My name is Matthew and I will be handling your case with the BlackBerry Mobile Customer Care service.

    This matter is something that needs to be taken care of by our commercial and management teams. I have forwarded your message to them, but, unfortunately, I have no way of knowing when they will be taking care of this matter.

    Seeing as how I would have no further relevant information to provide on this matter, I would like to close this case now.

    Looking forward to your reply,
    BlackBerry Mobile Customer Care team ...
    01-11-19 04:33 AM
  8. MynoonQ8's Avatar
    2nd Replay from blackberry customer service,

    Hello Mynoonq8,

    The information you provided goes along with what I explained to you in my first e-mail and is further proof that, BlackBerry Mobile has already done everything they could in this regard, from a phone hardware point of view.

    VoLTE is a function that has to be enabled by the carrier for the device. It is the carrier than needs to contact BlackBerry Mobile's commercial management teams and broker a deal for enabling the feature. VoLTE can work on the Key2 with several carriers and not work with the one you wish it to work with. VoLTE may work from other devices with the carrier you want it to work with. If that particular carrier doesn't broker a deal with BlackBerry Mobile for enabling VoLTE on that particular phone, the feature will not work in the combination between that particular phone and that particular carrier.

    There is no troubleshooting step that I can provide for this. All I can do is escalate the matter to our commercial management team, and hope that sometime in the future the deal I've been mentioning goes through and the feature gets enabled, but the carrier has to agree with this and nobody on our end has any information from or about the carrier.

    I'm deeply sorry to say this, but this particular matter is completely out of my hands right now. This is a commercial matter and I'm part of a technical support center.

    Best regards,
    BlackBerry Mobile Customer Care team
    01-11-19 04:36 AM
  9. Chuck Finley69's Avatar
    The problem is simply that BBMo and many carriers do not agree on terms for WFC or VoLTE enhanced calling features.
    01-11-19 08:28 AM

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