12-28-20 08:56 PM
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  1. Chuck Finley69's Avatar
    Third class, I'd say--because while the carrier's own name brand prepaid service comes after their premium postpaid (contract) service, it comes before MVNO service.
    Correct since AT&T prepaid has to prioritize over Cricket brand MVNO and T-Mobile prepaid over MetroPCS brand MVNO or it diminishes the value of the corporate prepaid brand. Also, it would probably open up legal issues with the other non-owned reseller MVNOs regarding a preferential treatment for their corporate owned MVNOs.
    12-28-20 02:11 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    OK - Third Class or even Fourth Class it is...
    12-28-20 02:44 PM
  3. Adam Frix's Avatar
    Just a heads up about Cricket Wireless: my family has had them for years. One iPhone 12, one AT&T-branded Galaxy S9+, one factory unlocked Galaxy A30 (?). Tuesday 12/22 we wake up to the Androids not being able to make or receive voice calls. SMS and data work fine.

    This seems to be only at the house. I can drive around and have service no problem. But then I drove around more and found other isolated areas of town where this is happening. No one at Cricket can tell me anything.

    Some research showed the problem: as AT&T rejiggers towers for 5G, they're turning off the old voice technologies and requiring VoLTE for all voice calls on those towers. And it appears that Cricket isn't enabling even my AT&T-branded Galaxy S9+ for this, let alone the factory unlocked A30. (As usual, iPhones are completely functional no matter what--I'm beginning to appreciate iPhones.) They're "requiring" a Cricket-branded phone.

    No warning, nothing.

    On Thursday 12/24 I went to the Cricket store and bought my wife a new phone to replace the S9+. Got a Samsung A51, Cricket-branded. Works just fine.

    Some people in the world are saying that Cricket knows all of this and is enabling VoLTE on non-Cricket phones, because they have no choice. Well, if that's so, it's taking them awhile. In the meantime, there's no voice service. But frankly, I don't trust rando Reddit users or whatever.

    So anyway: bring your factory unlocked, otherwise Cricket-compatible BB to Cricket at your own risk.

    And I have to imagine this is just the beginning, for ALL carriers. And MVNOs are probably the first. At the very least, there will no doubt be a period of "we don't know what we're doing" with respect to all of this, that the carriers will have to work out. Unlocked and/or unbranded phones from 2+ years ago will be the redheaded stepchild.

    BTW: the term is MVNO. Em Vee En Oh. Mobile Virtual Network Operator. It's not NVMO, or MNVO, or any other combination. MVNO.
    OK, an update. We got texts tonight that "there were changes to your Cricket account". I went online, and saw some weirdness that happened both last week and tonight.

    At this point, we've changed phones--my wife to a Cricket-branded and -locked Samsung, and my son to a spare iPhone SE. They're making phone calls. But for grins, I had them swap SIM cards back to their own phones.

    And what do you know--now voice service works on those phones. Both the AT&T S9+, and the factory unlocked, Latin America-market Galaxy A30.

    So Cricket/AT&T had a problem, and it took them A WEEK to fix it.

    I have no idea if the fix is permanent, if this fix is only for this tower but not for all towers, etc., etc. This all started the Tuesday morning before Christmas when my wife tried to call her doctor to make an appointment. And she couldn't. Well, I'm keeping the new Cricket phone. I figure the best way to minimize crap like this is to use their phones--not even AT&T phones.

    a WEEK.

    US Carriers and the KEY2-33wmg1.jpg
    12-28-20 08:56 PM
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