1. Jahjah440's Avatar
    Every review I have seen or read always starts out the same: "BLACKBERRY IS AROUND??"

    Then they go onto lambast the "small screen" and "nice feeling keyboard, but touch keyboards are so much better." Not to mention how the camera isn't up to par with certain flagships.

    May be all this is true, but I'm a "poweruser". A network engineer/systems administrator, more specifically. I need a review going into how the blackberry is supposed to be used (enterprise/business settings), in my opinion. Not as a social media, gaming, and media consumption device.

    I'm interested in how VPN connectivity works, RDP clients (does the capacitive keyboard act as a cursor?), and SSH/Remote server management.

    I've been waiting a long time for this phone. I always have my trusty laptop on me, but it can be cumbersome to pull out. I wish I could fit it in my pocket. KeyOne was almost there, but Key2, she seems like to true companion to the enterprise professional.

    If anyone has a review to link, or perhaps even wants to comment personal experiences, I'd be very appreciative.
    07-14-18 05:25 PM
  2. the_boon's Avatar
    hello, seems like you have stumbled upon the wrong reviews. I’d take a look at the review by Jerry Hildenbrand over at Android Central.

    As for the negative ones, well, any review that trashes the phone for its keyboard is trash itself, and clearly doesn’t understand who this device is for.
    07-14-18 05:48 PM
  3. Jahjah440's Avatar
    Nice review, but again doesn't really go into any details about what I specified.
    07-15-18 05:43 PM

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