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    I'm not as tech savvy as other people here so simple explanations and step by step directions would be greatly appreciated. I'm setting up my brand new Key2 and I can't figure out how to change the sound the device makes when I get a text message, a voice mail, or an e-mail. I created shortcuts to websites I like (because not everything is an app) but the icon is a gray box. Is there anyway to change it to something else without a ton of workarounds, time, and effort?

    Where do I need to store a sound file so I can use it for calendar alerts?

    How do I change the color for Category 2? On my computer it's one color and on my Key2 the same category is a color I don't like.

    When I press the power button to go in or out of lock screen it makes an alert sound. How do turn this off?

    Also, how do I get updates about the Google Play Store off my lockscreen? Is this is a setting I can change?

    Also, because this is a new phone and it's my first Android, expect to see many questions from me over the next month.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.
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