1. Kamika007z's Avatar
    Hey All,

    How can you get your Tasks to show up on the Hub when using your Exchange/O365 account?

    I'm not seeing it show up at all. The app is there, but only another email address shows up on the drop down and when I try to add the O365 account, it says it already exists.

    Please help!

    Thank you!
    12-09-19 06:18 PM
  2. Zebra 99's Avatar
    Hub has no integrate any task app or note. This is I suggested long time ago.
    12-10-19 05:15 AM
  3. Kamika007z's Avatar
    Thanks Zebra99. We were able to get this solved and it is now showing tasks.

    My friend's account was somehow set up as an "Exchange Web Services" account and not an Exchange ActiveSync one.

    As soon as we deleted it and added the correct account, it started working and showing the Tasks option.

    Thanks again.

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    12-10-19 08:44 AM
  4. Zebra 99's Avatar
    You mean you get task within hub? That is good news indeed - even it is with MS task. I think.
    12-10-19 07:49 PM
  5. Kamika007z's Avatar
    Yep! Just make sure it's Exchange ActiveSync.

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    12-10-19 07:52 PM

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