11-05-19 09:04 PM
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  1. chain13's Avatar
    If you really value pkb
    If you're ok with mediocre camera
    If you're ok stuck in oreo
    If you're ok for not being able to root and install custom android 9/10 or any newest version
    Ifs... then buy key 2
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    11-04-19 12:28 AM
  2. Sigewif's Avatar
    Folks, as a longstanding BB user (Bold, Q10, PP, PP SE, KeyOne, Key2) the screen of my one-year old Key2 broke completely during a bad fall. As the cost of screen replacement by the official BBMo repair service in Luxembourg is high (over 150 euro), I am keen on replacing the phone instead. A new Key2 silver costs about 480 euro (and with a partial employer compensation that would go down to about half of that amount in my case). Alternatively, the more exclusive Key2 red edition could be had for just under 700 euro.

    However, the bigger question is whether it is still wise to invest in a Key device at all, as much as I am craving for the physical keyboard. Issues that make me doubt are related to lack of clarity on BBMo’s continued support and development (regular security updates, Android 9 or 10). If one buys a new Key2 device now, how long would it still effectively being supported software-wise (outside of the 2 year legal warranty on hardware of course)? The complete silence by BBMo lately, and perceived lack of commitment as a consequence, are worrying indications in this regard.

    Thoughts on whether or not I should go ahead and get a new Key2?
    I just got a 2nd KEY2 (new) a few weeks ago when my first one (bought used) started having problems.
    It depends on how much you like the device. For me, personally, it possibly being their last device was more reason to get one, not a reason to not get one. To me it sounds as though you can get a super deal on one, given the compensation from your employer.
    I have heard that the red KEY2 is a very solid edition. It is also higher spec'd than the silver or black.
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    11-04-19 02:28 AM
  3. sowhoong's Avatar
    I am a key2 user now. I am good with it. but my advice to u, get other better spec phones
    11-04-19 04:15 AM
  4. conite's Avatar
    I am a key2 user now. I am good with it. but my advice to u, get other better spec phones
    If your priority is the physical keyboard, what else would you suggest?
    11-04-19 07:27 AM
  5. thurask's Avatar
    If your priority is the physical keyboard, what else would you suggest?
    Snapping out of it?
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    11-04-19 10:09 AM
  6. conite's Avatar
    Snapping out of it?
    11-04-19 10:11 AM
  7. Trenton_net's Avatar
    Personally, I still think buying a KEY2 is fine. The whole point of buying one is for the physical keyboard and the Blackberry software ecosystem. While Android updates do mater, it won't really be a problem for quite a while. Only about 10% of the market is on the latest version of Android, while the bulk of phones are still on Version 8, 7, 6, and even 5. Considering we're on Version 8, it's going to take a lot of time before it falls off the software support ladder. Security updates are nice, but as long as your not downloading questionable software, you should be just fine.

    Again, this is just my personal opinion. You may value some of these aspects less or more than me. But considering we're talking here in the KEY2 forum, I assume a lot of people value similar things.
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    11-04-19 10:29 AM
  8. danielstefan35's Avatar
    Yes if you accept you will get stuck in Oreo and will never get Pie.
    11-04-19 12:04 PM
  9. andreydagr8's Avatar
    get a new one! all tech eventually becomes old and worthless so you might as well enjoy it while it's still in. and don't buy new get a refurbished model from a reputable dealer and be happy! My Key to space bar broke 3 weeks ago and my insurance did not have a replacement model so the cut me a check for 560$ us and I bought the black 128g dual SIM for 300 refurbished and couldn't be happier!
    11-04-19 12:50 PM
  10. sowhoong's Avatar
    If your priority is the physical keyboard, what else would you suggest?
    11-04-19 05:16 PM
  11. conite's Avatar
    Ya, I don't count kickstarter one-off basement spyware phones.
    11-04-19 05:20 PM
  12. sowhoong's Avatar
    is just an option for pkb
    11-04-19 05:59 PM
  13. conite's Avatar
    is just an option for pkb
    Maybe, but not for anything serious.
    11-04-19 06:31 PM
  14. chain13's Avatar
    If your priority is the physical keyboard, what else would you suggest?
    Adapt to vkb
    11-05-19 04:44 AM
  15. the newsusieq's Avatar
    By the way, is Blaize still on board?
    11-05-19 09:04 PM
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