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    I recently upgraded from a KeyOne to a Key2 and am having some issues that I hope people here can help with.

    1) When trying to send a picture via either email or text, my list of contacts includes people who I have never communicated with from this phone. I am assuming it is somehow pulling them from Gmail, but have no idea how to prevent this (specifically how to prevent an ex-girlfriend appearing because I do not want to accidentally send something to her).

    2) For some reason some of the contacts in my contact list appear twice, with the second entry being for duo voice calling or group calling, or some other such thing. Why are these contacts appearing twice, and how to I stop this from happening? This also happened on my KeyOne and I never did figure it out.

    3) When trying to log into my work email using the Opera browser I get taken to some Microsoft site which tries to get me to install software. This never happened on my KeyOne.

    4) For some reason Firefox never opens on the homepage (set as Google), but always opens on the last page I had visited and I cannot figure out how to get it to open to my homepage.

    5) Occasionally I get a red bar across the top of my screen which appears to be some kind of warning. I cannot get rid of it unless I restart the phone. I am wondering why this might be happening.

    6) I sometimes get notifications advising me to log onto a wireless network so that I can make calls. I am not sure why this would be required to make calls, and have no idea why I am receiving the notifications.

    7) At times, when trying to send a text after accessing a conversation via the hub, I get redirected to another page which lists my conversations (and contacts? I cannot remember right now) from which I have to choose the contact who I am trying to text. This never happened on my KeyOne, on that I could simply access conversations from the Hub.

    There are a couple of other issues, but it is late and I cannot remember them at the moment. Any help that can be provided with the issues mentioned above would be greatly appreciated.
    11-20-19 12:48 AM
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    wow that seems to be OS or Apps problem. for the contacts, try to check if you selected "ALL" accounts as your default contact list. you may want to just select an account and see if your double listing still exist. i believe the whole mess is due to multiple account having similar name or contact details.

    for browser issues... no comment here, unless you are on a vpn or wifi network wherein the admin wants to divert your browsing through another site. try disabling vpn or setting manual dns and see if it solves the problem.

    the red bar means battery saving mode, you can disable it. most likely you have set it to "auto" on a too high battery level that the saving mode kicks in. (unless the red bar is from an app you installed)

    #7... redirected to another page??? whats your default sms app anyway? maybe you wanna try to use the google sms app "messages"
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    11-20-19 04:51 AM

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