1. X-Sym's Avatar
    Hi, is that possible to configure the color of the flashing LED for the different account on a Key2?
    01-05-19 08:53 PM
  2. RegN's Avatar
    You have to do when you setup email accounts. Cant change it unless delete and setup again. That is for email accounts. As far as other apps goes I use an app called light manager. It works pretty good. With light manager and sound profile I have my Blackberry KEY² setup kind of like I could on bb10.

    This phone does not seem to recognize all colors. Or so it seems to me.

    Blackberry KEY² Silver Edition
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    01-05-19 10:53 PM
  3. X-Sym's Avatar
    Thank for the answer i will reset my accounts!
    01-07-19 08:14 AM

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