1. Chris_R's Avatar
    Hi, I had started a thread about the calendar quite a while back. Now that the k2 is out, could anyone post a screenshot of picking the time on this calendar, which I really dislike on the k1?
    Here's the old post:
    "I do really dislike the Android way of setting the time in all the calendar apps, this stupid round wheel for setting the time. Hit and miss.

    All of the ones I've tried refer back to this nuisance, so am frantically looking for an app, probably similar to BB10 calendar so that you can type in the time (and date for that matter). Preferably working with the K1s PKB.

    Appreciate any suggestions...

    Posted via CB10"
    07-15-18 02:26 AM
  2. anon(10429275)'s Avatar
    I think Oreo added a type entry option on the system level time entry, so you can tap the keyboard icon when the "stupid round wheel" comes up and get it in any app that uses the system time selector dialog.

    On my K2 in Google Calendar app, the cursor does not automatically enter the first (hour) field, so you have to tap and delete the preset time However, pressing return takes me to the minute field once I'm done in the first field. Seemed pretty quick to me.

    Send me a PM and I can send you a link to a screenshot if you want. It won't upload here.
    07-15-18 03:50 AM
  3. anon(10429275)'s Avatar
    (However, I don't see a way to type in the date... could always use a fuzzy logic calendar app where you type it all in - date, time, location - and it makes an appropriate calendar entry for you)
    07-15-18 03:51 AM
  4. gizmo21's Avatar
    Using PKB to enter time/date is also a request I had since first using PRIV:

    This "fuzzy logic" for new entries could be implemented into the search field and pressing the (+) to add the entry.
    07-15-18 03:38 PM

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