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    Hi to all
    my dual sim Key2 black for time to time the screeen is running by itself, typing, moving around, changing apps, very frustarating!!!! . Dont have warranty as it was bought from UAE- first they said its a lcd screen problem, i bought new one- but it never end.
    any thoughts on this? could this be a keyboard problem guys? if yes where is it suggested to buy keyboard?
    01-09-19 05:41 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    If it's not the screen, it's likely something else hardware related. I have pretty high doubts it's actually an issue with the keyboard, but I suppose it could be. Have you tried possibly just cleaning the keyboard with a can of air? Maybe something lodged in-between the keys that's small enough to never even notice with your eyes.
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    01-09-19 05:45 AM
  3. kyamil010's Avatar
    its for sure not the screen as we brought new one, its not the phone itself, becuase one repair guy went through each spot of the phone....... His last idea was to disconnect the keyboard, he did it yestarday.......seems all was perfect, . I honestly hope this is the case also, as the keyboard lights are off on my phone long ago, ........... Let me suggest him what you said, can of air- what do you mean can? what if its hardware- can it be fixed?
    01-10-19 05:03 AM

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