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    BlackBerry KEY2 Review | G Style Magazine

    I spent about a month with the KEY2 first using it as a secondary device and then switching it over as my main for about a few weeks after that. Battery has been stellar and typing experience with the keyboard has been great. I'm using it as my main as of this typing too. Check out my full on review if you like.

    Review of BlackBerry KEY2 after a month of usage-blackberry-key2-1.jpg

    If you have any questions can definitely ask me here or on the site.
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    07-14-18 03:35 PM
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    Want to gauge the viewing real estate in real life. Set to smallest font so you can get the most real estate, can you post some screenshots of WhatsApp, instagram feed, reading email and browsing a news article?

    07-14-18 10:05 PM

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