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    I received group text from my sister and a few others replied not a big deal. Then 3 days later it's starts all over again with the same time I frame between msgs. This has happened with 3 contacts all of whom texted me with a group type text. I use textra which I can't really see as the issue as I deleted it at one point and still got msgs after. Good thing I don't get many texts but sure is annoying as the ones from my sister were not good news and then after feeling it was resolved you get it over again and takes a bit to realize. I have cleared cache and rebooted to try to stop it but seems to need to run its course. I'm on Virgin mobility in Canada I called them and they of course want to blame textra.

    Any thoughts. Really hard to test as I don't get a lot of texts let alone group type
    12-03-18 10:33 AM
  2. AndroidFanboy8's Avatar
    you might have to call your service provider to reset the messaging switch on their end. Then remove txt messaging and re-adding the service. Sounds like a prvisioning isssue.
    12-07-18 10:39 AM

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