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    So last few nights I have noticed that my clock was off during the night. I had it set so when charging the clock is displayed with screen locked. So opened phone to see that it had rebooted. Also after I set it again woke up and it had done it again. Do not know how long after. I just now plugged in a charger and sure enough within 30 seconds it rebooted. So I unplugged it and tried it again and no issues. I have different chargers and cords 3 for sure that I have used. So I uninstalled some apps that I have been using for months to see maybe they caused it. Still unsure what is doing it. Hoping it is not my charge port or hardware but right now that is my suspicion. Thinking of doing a device wipe but really hate the idea. I use this as my clock for work so pretty big deal for me. BlackBerry has always been a good phone for doing that. May have to learn to charge before bed but that does not show clock during the night.

    Blackberry KEY² Silver Edition
    01-07-20 02:06 PM
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    Not that it matters now but I think I solved my issue. I was suspicious of the screen saver so didnt format my phone. Today I went back to setting for screen saver and found strange things. Some places it was set to be on and then the switch was off. Kinda of weird. So anyway I reset it and when I plugged it in all was fine in the world.

    Blackberry KEY² Silver Edition
    01-09-20 10:50 PM
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    question... may how would a wrong screen saver setting reboot a phone?
    01-10-20 05:54 PM
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    question... may how would a wrong screen saver setting reboot a phone?
    Not sure seemed it was a software glitch. The screensaver showed as setup and one slide was off. I was suspicious when after plugging it in it would take a while about the time the saver should start then would reboot. I should add I had a clock called timely that I had been using and I think it was the root cause. It had worked good for months. Tonight will be a proper test to see if it makes it till morning. I actually got rid of a few apps that made changes to things for night. Light manager being the other one.

    Blackberry KEY² Silver Edition
    01-10-20 10:28 PM

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