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    Have any of you guys tested QC 3.0 with a USB volt meter?
    I had the issue with my Priv as I do with my Key2. I've tried using many cables including the included OEM cable & it's hit or miss with QC 3.0 or 2.0 on the Priv.

    I have tested with either an Aukey QC 2.0 charger, Anker QC 3.0 or OEM Key2 QC 3.0 charger & half the time I only get 5V with 1.5-2A. As if quick charge doesn't always handshake between the charger, cable and phone. Could some of you check and see please?

    Now, last night I tried using my dad's Huawei SuperCharge charger which puts out 4.5V/5A or 9V with 2A. EVERYTIME I test with that car or home charger, I get it defaults to 9V and puts out about 1.5-1.7A & charges amazingly fast.

    I guess since the phone doesn't take 4.5V it always defaults to 9V & in turn gives proper fast charging. Should I or we consider using this charger to always get 9V and max amperage on the go?

    Cables tested:
    Oem Key2 cable
    Orzly USB-C (Benson Leung certified)
    Belkin USB-C (Benson Leung certified)
    08-09-18 10:06 AM

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