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    I've now been using my key2 for a few weeks and some things I find annoying to me are swipe gestures on the Key2... I've disabled those so my keyboard is like the key2 LE now... another thing I've come to hate is always hitting the back home and resents buttons when selecting predictive texts... gets annoying at times but it's better than swipe up to select the predictive text which never worked for me.... another thing which is my fault at times is leaving alt and shift on and typing all symbols or all caps on accident... not something I hate or but annoy myself when I forget to turn the lock off... another thing I hate is the space bar always double spaces at random times so I've had to disable add a period when double space... and last thing I hate is the backlight on the keyboard can not be increased before it turns off or it can't be made to stay on all the time so I have a hard time typing in the dark or at night because I'm not a person who can type without looking at the keyboard... but all in all this is still the best device I've owned to date and will be with me until blackberry decides to come out with the key 3 or PRIV 2 or until app support finally dies

    I'd love to know what are some of the things you hate about the Key2? Maybe they are the same as me or different but what do you dislike?
    05-17-19 03:16 AM
  2. RK_BB's Avatar
    05-17-19 03:19 AM

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