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    Hello everybody,
    this is my very first post on this site and I already need your help. I'm currently in the mood for getting a new smartphone.

    I've seen quite some posts in this forum, therefore I want you guys to know that I'm of course aware of the fact that the Key2 doesn't offer the greatest specs for the price and I'm aware of the fact that the Key2 probably won't get an update to Android 9 too, but man, I just fell in love with this device. But there's one thing that's holding me back from purchasing.
    Even though I don't mind getting no Android updates, security updates are really important to me.

    I've read that BBMo/TCL stopped delivering security updates for the KeyOne 24 months after it's release. I fear that if I purchase a Key2 this late in it's lifecycle I won't even get a full year of important security updates. Of course nobody other than BBMo/TCL know their plans on this topic - if they have any, but I just want to ask you guys what you think about this topic. Maybe the security updates aren't as important as I think? Or anything else I miss here? Or am I simply too late to this party?

    Even though I'm just 27 years old I simply can't adapt typing on a virtual keyboard lol. Every text I type is just full of mistakes and the autocorrection feature simply doesn't help much. That's why I want this device. I've used an BlackBerry Classic for a few months in 2015 as my daily driver (that's the device I'm composing this post on btw) and it was just awesome. The reason I ditched it was because of poor app support though. Before that and since the Classic I used quite a lot of other devices from iPhones to multiple devices of the Galaxy line and a few others. I'm just too stupid to learn writing on virtual keyboards...

    Please bear with my spelling as english isn't my native language.

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    11-20-19 02:03 PM
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    Alright, well, I would expect the KEY2 to get Security updates until at least June 2020 since it launched late June 2018.

    How important are the security updates to you exactly?

    Me personally, I couldn't really care les.
    DroidBerry's are considered a bit more secure than a generic Android phone to begin with, and I'd even be comfortable using a Priv which hasn't seen a single security update since May 2018.

    I'm not a mobile security fanatic but I also don't visit dodgy websites or download apps from anywhere but the Play Store (or apkpure/apkmirror occasionally if I need an older version of an app).

    There are still people using Galaxy S4/S5/Note4 today, long after they stopped receiving security updates.

    If your budget allows for the KEY2, go for it.
    Typing this on mine (and I've owned many of all three KEY devices as well as the Priv, Passport, Classic) and it's the best overall keyboard option at this time.
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    11-20-19 02:55 PM
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    Simply put, there are no other mainstream PKB devices out there. Buy a KEYone cheap, Key2 not so cheap or Key2 LE in the middle. Updates for all basically are done or will be done. No other choices to speak of.
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    11-20-19 02:57 PM
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    If the physical keyboard is as important to you, as it is for me, buy a KEY2. Even if/when updates expire next year in June/July you will be fine as previously stated. The KEY2, despite a few of its quirks, is a fantastic device for communicating in my opinion.

    Currently GoTalk is offering the KEY2 for $100.00 off their website price. The information on how to get the $100.00 savings is on the CrackBerry homepage.

    Snatch the unlocked BlackBerry KEY2 at a $100 discount https://www.crackberry.com/snatch-un...2-100-discount

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    11-20-19 03:05 PM
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    I just bought a Key2 and coming from a Keyone. If you care about what you do then the security updates are not important as they seem but nice to have.
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    11-20-19 03:54 PM
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    Thanks to everybody who replied! Also thank you for reminding me to save some Money Bob!
    I don't know why I was so concerned about security updates before. I will order a Key 2 when I'm back home
    11-21-19 07:51 AM
  7. Bob80220's Avatar
    Thanks to everybody who replied! Also thank you for reminding me to save some Money Bob!
    I don't know why I was so concerned about security updates before. I will order a Key 2 when I'm back home
    No problem... I'm glad that my giving you a heads up about the CrackBerry savings helps you out. I have no idea how long it's valid for so I wouldn't delay.

    Enjoy your new KEY2!!!

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    11-21-19 10:21 AM
  8. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    My view is most all vulnerabilities still require you to download a app and give it permissions. If you stick to mainstream applications and websites I think you could be good for a few years.
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    11-21-19 11:28 AM
  9. yybenedb's Avatar
    I depend heavily on my k2 to stay on top of a number of high stake happenings. I can wholeheartedly recommend this device. It has consistently performed as expected or better. Regarding security updates I defer to the opinions of those who know more about such matters than I.
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    11-21-19 12:07 PM

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