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    If you need to replace yours now, or just want one to have on hand for later:

    https://www .ebay.com/itm/324229997932

    (Remove the space between "www." and "ebay")

    I ordered a red, black and a silver one from this seller. All of them had a late November 2019 build date with a solid spacebar. I haven't had to install them yet though.
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    09-23-20 06:43 AM
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    PSA:  Best place to buy a spare KEY2 keyboard-screenshot_20200923-074422.jpeg
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    09-23-20 06:45 AM
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    [Title tweaked -- similarly titled threads have been reported as "spammy".]
    09-23-20 07:34 AM
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    Thank you for taking the time to test and share. It makes you a sort of rarity in 2020
    09-24-20 05:37 AM

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