1. Granehill's Avatar
    I have a problem with Dark/Light mode if I copy a text from thecTask or Notes app into a mail which then is sent to a recipient. I always use Dark Mode.

    When the recipient opens the mail, I can't be read. It's the same if you copy a text from the Calendar app into a mail I if you copy a mail into a word document.

    It's easy to test: (in dark mode)
    - Write s,omething I thecTask app
    - Copy it into a mail and send yourself
    - Open the received mail and as you can see you can read it.
    -?Change to Light Mode in the Hub
    - Open the mail and there is nothing to see.
    It will be the same if you open the mail if you open the mail on a PC

    The problem is the same on PRIV, KEYine, KEY2, Motion or on 5 other devices wherever I have the Hub Suite. I'm s also a Beta tester.

    Have anybody else noticed this?
    11-15-18 05:42 AM
  2. Blackberryphosphamide's Avatar
    I'm not experiencing that problem. I've copied text from the calendar and the notes app into an email, sent it to myself, opened it - readable, changed Hub to light theme - still readable.
    11-15-18 07:32 AM
  3. Granehill's Avatar
    When entering text, copying and the Wendling was that carried out in Dark Mode ?

    Did you then change to Light Mode?

    As said abovd there might be a difference in th Beta version
    11-15-18 08:13 AM
  4. Blackberryphosphamide's Avatar
    Yeh, I entered text, copied, pasted and sent it whilst in dark mode. Might just be a beta thing.
    11-15-18 11:47 AM
  5. RegN's Avatar
    I have the beta as well and I just copied from notes (which does not have dark mode that I can find) to an email in hub dark mode. sent to myself and it's perfect. I changed hub to light mode and no issue. Unless I'm missing what your asking
    11-15-18 03:11 PM
  6. Vistaus's Avatar
    No issues here either.
    11-15-18 04:38 PM

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